Established in 2011, Melissa Morgan Designs is my little dream! I'm a creative bride who discovered a talent for making beautiful bridal adornments when I needed something for my own wedding. Then I made a few more... Actually, the story goes further back than that. To watching my mum knit and sew and make through my childhood. To the sweet tin full of sequins and coloured card and hours spent cutting and sticking. Being creative is in my blood. Now I work from home, in my little studio, just above the porch. I have jars and tubs and boxes full of vintage sparkle, gemstones and charms. It's a magpie heaven!

Life has changed a lot in the last couple of years. We have welcomed our gorgeous son into our family, and this has brought with it a whole new set of challenges. Being a mum, working part-time, running my own business, it's not easy! When I'm not doing any of the above, I like to write, read, colour, bake, create and make. If you're like me in any way (mum, business lady, creative) then hopefully you'll love my blog. I'm hoping to fill it full of creative projects, musings from my daily life, my business and possibly a few cakes!